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What Would He Have Done ? A VBCW Aerial Hero

MichaelChurch Court, Michaelchurch Escley

A very long time ago (in real life terms), JP published some research on "Interwar Aeronautics in Herefordshire", tracing the development of civilian flying in the pre-war period - including the use of Hereford Race Course as an "aerodrome" and the results of the 1936 "Three Counties" Air Race. In the world of Hereford VBCW, of course, the Race Course has now been fully developed - at the snarling command of Captain Arrowsmith - into the principal BUF/Royalist airfield within the County.

But back to pre-war history, and a strange connection between MichaelChurch Court (No.141 on my List of Herefordshire Country Houses) and JP's research. It appears that the Three Counties Air Race of 18th September 1936 was nothing of the sort, but was "shortened to avoid clashing with the London-Cardiff race". One of the two turning points on the actual course for the newly shortened, Hereford-only, air race was none other than Michaelchurch Court.

The choice of Michaelchurch Court was no accident, for it was the home of Hereford's premier aviator, Randolph Trafford.

Randolph Trafford was, according to the research of the Ewyas Lacy Study Group, the first man in Herefordshire to own and fly his own plane. A rich playboy, he qualified as a pilot in Switzerland in 1927/1928. After coming into his inheritance, Randolph returned from Switzerland to Michaelchurch in 1931, making extensive renovations to the house (including installing a swimming pool) and building an airfield of some 20 acres in the fields behind the house.

A car fanatic as well as an aviator (he owned a Rolls Royce, an "Amilcar", a Lagonda, a Sunbeam, an Essex "Terraplane", and kept a Citroen in Switzerland), Randolph was both President of the Wye Valley Auto Club and an inaugural member of the Hereford Gliding Club (founded 1936). By the mid 1930s, he was flying a Gypsy Moth bi-plane, and a hosting a wide variety of society, as well as international, visitors at Michaelchurch. Of all his visitors, much the most sinister (in retrospect) were a number of German pilots.

In 1934, following their participation in RAF Air Pageant at Hendon as guests of Lord Jeffrey Amherst (5th Earl Amherst) and Richard (Dick) L'Estrange Malone of Heston, a number of German piloted aeroplanes, accompanied by their Hendon hosts, landed at Michaelchurch. The leader of the German delegation was Baron Alexander von Winterfeldt, a WW1 fighter pilot who, serving with Jasta 20, had claimed four victories in 1918. Further visits took place in the following summers, but the most ambitious event took place in 1937 - the first (and only) "Michaelchurch Air Rally". Although small, this event had a truly :international attendance - from Air Touraine, the Aero Club de Dieppe, the Aero Club de Geneve, the Cardiff Aeroplane Club, and a Luftwaffe delegation lead by Major Hans Seidemann.

A French visitor described the events of the 1937 rally:

"......we were the guests of Mr Trafford at his private airfield at Michaelchurch.  It was a typical calm English Sunday with French sun.  The enchantment of the trip began. … Under the sign of the rose of York, we flew towards Wales, soon followed by M Legendre of Dieppe, M et Mme Deveau (sic) of Geneva and two German planes.  Never had Michaelchurch seen such a flock of wings.  To facilitate the landing, we were obliged to leave our Farman at Heston and to continue the flight in Mr Malone’ s 5 seater twin engine Short.

Receptions, official and private dinners, teas, cocktails and more cocktails … how not to abandon oneself to this generous welcome, whose printed programme I have now under my eyes, with a view of Michaelchurch Court on the cover, next to the Trafford coat of arms, set in a theatrical decor.  The most authentic and romantic setting you could imagine, with waist-coated servants, family portraits, tapestries, hunting trophies, rare birds and above all flowers in deep halls like those of churches, and in the gardens which prolong the ever green countryside, decorated with ruins, as in the paintings by Hubert Robert, and animated with cattle, as in Corot’ s paintings.

That ’ s how Michaelchurch appeared to us, and the following day, Goodrich Castle and Goodrich Court, owned by Mrs Moffat, and the wonderful house [Handley Cross] of Mr Corbett-Winder, a great hunter – all more or less related to Mr Trafford and his mother, Mrs Capper, who did the honours with infinite grace – in the vast undulating countryside, with Hereford as its capital."

Some two years later, Randolph and his erstwhile German guests were at war. The leader of the 1934 delegation, Baron Alexander von Winterfeldt, was killed in a flying accident in Germany on 16th May 1942, having previously shot down an RAF Blenheim during the French campaign and destroyed an RAF Gladiator at Maleme airfield during the invasion of Crete. Count Speck von Sternberg, who had taken part in the 1937 Air Rally, flew Heinkel 111 bombers during the Battle of Britain. He was shot down and killed about 100 miles north east of Michaelchurch, around Birmingham, on the night of 10th/11th May 1941. Major Hans Seidemann, the leader of the 1937 German delegation, survived the war as a highly decorated "General der Flieger", ultimately promoted to command "Luftwaffe Command 8" on 29th April 1945, the day before Hitler committed suicide in the Bunker.

What of the dashing Randolph's war?  The story is told in full here, but ended in tragedy. Some fifteen months
after joining the Fleet Air Arm on the outbreak of the war, while flying a Fairey Fulmar in low visibility, Randolph crashed to his death on Dartmoor (18th January 1943). He was just 36. The "Hereford Times" recorded Randolph's funeral:

"In the burial ground of the little church of Michaelchurch Escley, in view of his home, Michaelchurch Court, nestling in the foothills of the Black Mountains, the remains of the late Mr R.R.W.R. Trafford were laid to rest on Saturday afternoon.  Mr Trafford, a lieutenant in the R.N.V.R., serving in the Fleet Air Arm, was killed while flying the previous Monday.  He was … a pioneer of aviation in Herefordshire, and was to have been High Sheriff of Herefordshire this year.…

The coffin, which recorded that Mr Trafford was killed on war service, bore the family crest, and was draped with the Union Jack.  Brought to Hereford by train, it was accompanied to Michaelchurch Escley by Mrs Capper (Mr Trafford ’ s mother), and Mrs M J Hunter (sister)."

Randolph Trafford, RNVR and Fleet Air Arm
A Pioneer of Aviation in Herefordshire
1907 - 1943

VBCW Notes:

(1). Michaelchurch Escley is just over 15 miles from Hereford along the B4349 road and just over 25 miles from Ross on Wye along the B4348, The parish is within the area controlled by Sir Gilbert Hill and his Golden Valley Invincibles. A pre-made landing strip at Michaelchurch would serve the wily Sir Gilbert's plans very well, together with those of his close allies, the Anglicans. It might also be a strategic target for the Royalists/BUF, anxious to prevent its use as an alternative landing site for Ludlow's famed 366 Squadron.

(2). Major Hans Seidemann's pre war activities illustrate his potential "alternative career" in the VBCW. Trained at  Lipetsk airbase in Russia in 1929 in clear violation of the Versailles Treaty, by the time he met Randolph in 1937 he was serving on the General Staff of the Luftwaffe. From December 1938 to June 1939, he served as Chief of Staff to the Condor Legion in Spain. If Hitler had been interested in any kind of intervention (however informal or undercover) in the VBCW, it is not too difficult to imagine the by then Lieutenant Colonel Hans Seidemann returning to Herefordshire in order to "advise" the BUF Air Arm.

Oberstleutnant Hans Seidemann 1939
Chief of Staff "Condor Legion" or
 Three Counties BUF "Air Adviser"?

(3). Randolph Trafford  There is an unwritten convention that real people should not be written into the VBCW. This does not stop speculation as to what famous British characters and politicians of the period would or might have done in the event of such a Civil War. Given that Randolph Trafford was such a dashing pre war figure in Herefordshire, and that none of Randolph's direct family now remain alive, perhaps he would not mind his memory being revived for "our VBCW". Nothing is known of Randolph's political or religious convictions (it may be that he found both "rather a bore"'), but it seems unlikely that he would have disapproved of Edward VIII's louche lifestyle or choice of bride. A reasonable argument can therefore be made that, as a member of the County landed gentry, Randolph would automatically have supported the "Royalists". Such a conclusion would overlook, however, the disdain felt by some well established County families for the "Governor" imposed upon them by Edward VIII, the notorious Lord de Braose (whom Randolph would undoubtedly have considered "a bit of a narg" = "not a real gentleman"), together with their lack of class sympathy for the BUF and its snarling commander, Captain Arrowsmith ("a truly appalling fellow"). Not all of the landed gentry would have automatically supported Edward the Oathbreaker, and in Randloph's case, the clincher might well have been his extended County family. As seen above, his aunt, Mrs Moffatt, owned Goodrich Court, a vast country house in the centre of Ross-on-Wye and therefore (in all probability) an Anglican Command Centre for General Jermingham, the charismatic Anglican C-in-C. Whether from conviction or simply by way of compromise with a geo-political reality, it is easy to see Mrs Moffat acting as the "grande dame" or "chatelaine" at Goodrich Court for the Anglican cause, and persuading her nephew to join the colours - perhaps with an Albertine sympathy - upon the Anglican alliance with his fellow local landowner, Sir Gilbert Hill. Given his character and untimely death in real life, it is a pleasure to imagine the raffish Randolph Trafford enjoying "his VBCW", flying his Gypsy Moth from Michaelchurch on recce missions over the "occupied" parts of the County, training new pilots (sourced from the Hereford Gliding Club) in his spare time, and bombing up and down the B4348 in his "Essex Terraplane" or "Amilcar", string driving gloves tight to the steering wheel and silk scarf flying, for urgent "staff discussions" with General Jermingham, or simply cocktails with his politically influential Aunt.

The "Amilcar"

The "Essex Terraplane"

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VBCW Herefordshire Country Houses

A hitherto overlooked aspect of the Herefordshire VBCW has been the importance of the County's country houses. While roads, rivers and railways are of obvious strategic importance, the possession (or loss) of these pre-VBCW seats of political influence acts as a barometer of the various factions growing (or waning) power, as well as having a powerful effect on morale. Areas within the control of the various Landowner Protection Associations are almost always centred on their respective country houses. The Royalists and Anglicans equally value the historical position of country houses within County affairs, often using them as hospitals or headquarters. Others, controlled by the BUF, have been turned into interrogation or re-education centres.

Here is a list of all the historic "Principal Seats" in the County of Herefordshire (extracted from “Littlebury’s Directory & Gazeteer of Herefordshire 1876/77) broken down by parish and then resident:

001. Abbey Dore Court (Abbey Dore) Captain Thomas Freke Lewis, J.P., D.L.
002. Allensmore Court (Allensmore) Evan Pateshall, Esq., M.P., J.P., D.L.
003. Aramstone (Kings Caple) Robert Wyndham Smith, Esq.
004. Ashley Moor (Orleton) Joseph Rogers, Esq.
005. Athelstan Hall (Hereford) Josiah Wm. Smith, Esq., Q.C., B.C.L.
006. Baches House (Upton Bishop) Captain A.R.F. Onslow
007. Barnamore House (Withington) John Charles Aston, Esq.
008. Barton Court (Colwall) Major Thomas Griffith Peyton, J.P., D.L.
009. Beechwood (Hope Mansell) Thomas Gee, Esq.
010. Belmont (Clehonger) Francis Richard Wegg-Prosser, Esq., B.A., J.P., D.L.
011. Berrington Hall (Eye) The Right Hon. Lord Rodney.
012. Birch House (Much Birch) George Vernon Bankes, Esq.
013. Bircher Hall (Yarpole) Thomas Dunne, Esq., J.P., D.L.
014. Birchwood (Cradley) Thomas Henry Little, Esq., J.P.
015. Birchy Field (Avenbury) Henry Howorth, Esq.
016. Bishopswood House (Walford) Thomas Chivers, Esq.
017. Blairmont (Lugwardine) James Cowpar, Esq., M.D.
018. Bosbury House (Bosbury) Rev. Edward Higgins, M.A., J.P., D.L.
019. Brampton Brian (Brampton Brian) Robert William Daker Harley, Esq., J.P., D.L.
020. Brampton Brian Hall (Brampton Brian), Lieut.-General George Staunton, C.B.
021. Brampton (Great), (Madley) Rev. John Crugar Murray Aynsley, M.A., J.P.
022. Bredenbury Court, (Bredenbury) W. Henry Barneby, Esq., J.P., D.L.
023. Brimfield Hall, (Brimfield) Captain E. Salwey
024. Broadfield Court, (Bodenham) Mrs. Helms
025. Brockhampton, (Bromyard) John Habington Barneby Lutley, Esq., M.A., J.P., D.L.
026. Brockhampton House, (Brockhampton) Sir Christopher Robert Lighton, Bart., J.P.
027. Broomy Close House, (Llandinabo/Llanwarne)Rev. George Henry Bosanquet, M.A.
028. Broxwood Court, (Pembridge) Major Richard Snead Cog, J.P., D.L.
029. Bryngwyn, (Much Dewchurch) James Rankin, Esq., M.A., J.P., D.L.
030. Buckenhill House, (Bromyard) The Dowager Lady Shakerley
031. Buckland, (Docklow) Captain Edward Nicholas Heygate, R.E., J.P, D.L.
032. Burcott (The), (Holmer) Charles Croose, Esq.
033. Burghill House, (Burghill) J.C. Woodhouse, Esq:
034. Burton Court, (Eardisland) John Clowes, Esq., J.P., D.L.
035. Byletts (The), (Pembridge) John Bowles Evans, Esq., J.P., D.L.
036. Cagebrook House (Eaton Bishop) Mrs. Yorke
037. Callow Hills, (Welsh Newton) George Wichurch, Esq.
038. Canon Froome Court (Canon Froome) John Hopton, Esq., M.A., J.P., D.L.
039. Caradoc [Court], (Sellack) Elisha Caddick, Esq.
040. Castle Weir, (Lyonshall) Colonel Robert Price, M.F.H.
041. Chase (The), (Ross) (no information)
042. Cheyney Court, (Bishop’s Froome) James Moilliet, Esq., J.P.
043. Clater Park, (Bromyard) (no information)
044. Clifford Priory, (Clifford) Benjamin Haigh Allen, Esq., J.P., D.L.
045. Coddington House, (Coddington) Captain Henry Edward Vale
046. Combs House, (Combe) Edward Coates, Esq., J.P.
047. Copelands, (Holmer) Henry Jones Jenkins, Esq.
048. Corton House, (Rodd Nash & Littlehampton) Mrs. Evelyn
049. Courtfeld, (Welsh Bicknor) Colonel John Francis Vaughan, J.P., D.L.
050. Credenhill Park, (Credenhill) Francis William Herbert, Esq.
051. Croft Castle, (Croft) Rev. William Trevelyan Kevill Davies, J.P.
052. Cubberley House, (Ross) William Hutcheson Collins, Esq.
053. Cwm (The), (Llanrothall) Henry Wynn Pride, Esq.
054. Dadnor House, (Bridstow) Arthur Armitage, Esq., J.P., D.L.
055. Deanery (The), (Hereford) Hon. and Very Rev. the Dean of Hereford
056. Dineterwood, (Ewyas Harold) Edmund Thomas Husbands, Esq.
057. Donnington Hall, (Donnington) James Wickens, Esq., J.P.
058. Doward House, (Ganarew) Captain C. Wilkinson
059. Downfield House, (Lower Harpton) Miss Miles
060. Downton Castle, (Downton) Andrew Johnes Rouse Boughton Knight, Esq., B.A., J.P., D.L.
061. Dulas Court, (Dulas) Mrs. Feilden
062. Eastnor Castle, (Eastnor) The Right Hon. Earl Somers, R.A., J.P., D.L.
063. Easton Court, (Little Hereford) Edward Otto Partridge, Esq., J.P.
064. Eaton Hill, (Leominster) Thomas Burlton, Esq., J.P., F.R.C.S.
065. Elms (The), (Hereford) Charles Anthony, Esq., J.P.
066. Elton Hall, (Elton) Mrs. Salwey
067. Euroclydon, (Hope Mansell) Thomas Bennett Brain, Esq.
068. Eyton Hall, (Eyton) Richard Weaver Evans, Esq., J.P.
069. Eywood, (Titley) Lady Charlotte Bacon and Edward Bacon, Esq.
070. Fairfield, (Marstow) Arthur Annesley Hancocks, Esq.
071. Fownhope Court, (Fownhope) Thomas Lechmere, Esq., J.P.
072. Foxley, (Yazor) Rev. George Horatio Davenport, M.A., J.P.
073. Freen's Court, (Sutton St. Michael) William Henry Jones, Esq.
074. Frogmore House (Weston under Penyard)
075. Gaines, (Whitebourne) Mrs. Bagot and Colonel Bagot
076. Garnons (Mansell Gamage) Sir Henry Geers Cotterell, Bart., J.P., D.L.
077. Garnstone Castle (Weobley) Major Daniel Peploe Peploe, M.P., J.P., D.L.
078. Gayton Hall, (Upton Bishop) The Misses Lawson
079. Glewstone Court (Goodrich) Lieut.-Colonel P.A. Roberton
080. Goodrich Court (Goodrich) George Moffatt, Esq., J.P., D.L.
081. Goodrich House (Goodrich) Mrs. M. Peel
082. Graftonbury, (Grafton) Captain Robert Henry De Winton, J.P., D.L.
083. Great House (Canon Pyon) Gordon Graham, Esq.
084. Greenfield House (Rodd, Nash & Little Brampton) Mrs. Corbett
085. Grendon Court (Upton Bishop) Mrs. Chellingworth
086. Haffield (Ledbury) William Charles Henry, Esq., M.D., J.P.
087. Hagley Park (Lugwardine) Arthur Hutchinson, Esq., J.P., D.L.
088. Halesend (Cradley) G.B. Yapp, Esq.
089. Hall Court (Bishop’s Froome) Major John Michael Browne, J.P., D.L.
090. Hampton Court (Hope-under-Dinmore) John Hungerford Arkwright, Esq., M.A., J.P., D.L.
091. Hampton House (Hampton Bishop) Mrs. Weare
092. Harewood House (Harewood) Chandos Wren Hoskyns, Esq., B.A., J.P., D.L.
093. Hatfield Court (Hatfield), Howarth Ashton, Esq.
094. Hazelhurst (Walford) Miss M.B. Philips and Miss H. Cockshott
095. Heath House (Leintwardine) Charles Clarke, Esq.
096. Hennor House, Captain Charles Benjamin Stevenson, J.P.
097. Hephill (Lugwardine) Mrs. Mynors Baskerville
098. Hermitage (The) (Burghill and Tillington) William Lovejoy, Esq.
099. High House (Upper Sapey) J. Chamberlain, Esq.
100. Highwood (The) (Yarpole), Hon. Humphrey de Bohun Devereux, J.P., D.L.
101. Hill Court (Ross) Kingsmill Manley Power, Esq., J.P., D.L.
102. Hinton Court, (Hereford) Rev. William Frederick Powell, M.A.
103. Holme Lacy House (Holme Lacy) Sir Henry Edwyn Chandos Scudamore-Stanhope, Bart., B.A., J.P., D.L.
104. Holmer Park, (Holmer) Captain John Alexander Forbes Suter
105. Homend (Stretton Grandison) [no registered occupant]
106. Homme House (Much Marcle) Lieut.-Colonel John Ernle Money-Kyrle, J.P., D.L.
107. Hope End, Charles Archibald Hewitt, Esq., J.P., D.L.
108. Huntington Court (Holmer) John Lloyd, Esq., J.P.
109. Huntington Court (Huntington)
110. Huntington Park (Huntington) Henry Romilly, Esq.
111. Kentchurch Court (Kentchurch) Edward Scudamore Lucas, Esq., J.P., D.L.
112. King's Pyon House, (King’s Pyon) Rev. Hanmer William Webb-Peploe, B.A.
113. Kinnersley Castle (Kinnersley) Thomas Reavely, Esq., J.P., D.L.
114. Kinsham Court (Upper Kinsham) R. Ramsay, Esq.
115. Knill Court (Knill) Lieut.-Colonel Dallas
116. Kynaston House (Hentland) Edwin Charles Scobell, Esq
117. Langstone Court (Llangarren) John Jones, Esq., M.D.; J.P.
118. The Laurels (Holmer), Daniel G. Secretan James Woodhouse, Esq.
119. Leintwardine House (Leintwardine), Mrs. Colvin
120. Lemore (Eardisley), Major-General John Coke, C.B., J.P., D.L.
121. Letton Court (Letton), Rev. Henry Blisset, M.A., J.P., and John Freeman Blisset, Esq., J.P., D.L.
123. Lewson (Whitchurch), William Brown, Esq.
124. Lincoln Hill House (Ross), Miss Beeston
125. Litley Court (Hereford [Tupsley]), James Jay, Esq., J.P.
126. Llancillo Hall (Llancillo), James Gilbert Price, Esq.
127. Longworth (Lugwardine, Edward Smalley Hutchinson, Esq., J.P., D.L.
128. Lower Eaton (Eaton Bishop), Joseph Pulley, Esq., J.P., D.L.
129. Lower Weston (Weston-Under-Penyard), Major-General Stubbs
130. Lower Weston House (Weston-Under-Penyard), Henry Minett, Esq.
131. Ludford Park (Ludford), James Lechmere Merrick Parkinson, Esq., J.P.
132. Lugwardine Court, (Lugwardine) Sir Herbert George Denman Croft, Bart., M.A., J.P., D.L. 
133. Lynch, The (Eardisland), John Harding, Esq. [High Sheriff], J.P., D.L.
134. Lynhales, (Lyonshall) Stephen Robinson, Esq., J.P., D.L.
135. Lyston Court (Llanwarne) The Right Hon. Viscount Harberton, J.P.
136. Mainstone Court, (Pixley) Miss M. Pyndar
137. Manor House, (Bullinghope) Right Rev. Thomas Joseph Brown, D.D.
138. Manor House, (Upton Bishop) Captain E. Mynde Allen
139. Marden Court, (enter) Edward Hodges, Esq.
140. Marlow Lodge, (Leintwardine) Joseph Beddard Green, Esq., and George Smythies, Esq., J.P. 
141. Michaelchurch Court, (Michaelchurch Eskley) Charles Guy Trafford, Esq., J.P- D.L.
        [note - as featured in this subsequent post]
142. Middlewood (Clifford) Colonel Balmain
143. Moccas Court (Moccas) Rev. Sir George Henry Cornewall, Bart., M.A., J.P., D.L,
144. Moor Abbey (Middleton on the Hill) John George and Thomas Edmunds, Esqs.
145. Moorcourt (Pembridge) Rev. James Davies, M.A., J.P.
146. Moor Park (Richards Castle) Major Jonas Foster
147. Moor (The) (Richards Castle) Alfred Salwey, Esq., J.P.
148. Moor (The) (Clifford) Thomas James Stallard-Penoyre, Esq., J.P.
149. Moraston House (Bridstow) George H. Hadfield, Esq.
150. Moreton Court (Moreton-on-Lugg) Mrs. Harriett Evans
151. Mount Craig (Goodrich) Edmund Jones, Esq., M.D., J.P.
152. Munderfield Harold (Bromyard) Hon. Beauchamp Mowbray St. John, J.P.
153. Munstone House (Holmer) Captain Thomas William James Downes, J.P.
154. Mynde Park (Much Dewchurch) Mrs. Hudson Lutwyche
155. Newcourt (Lugwardine) Edward Griffiths, Esq., J.P., D.L.& Captain Richard John Griffiths, J.P. D.L.
156. New House, (Ledbury) Mrs. Biddulph and Michael Biddulpb, Esq., M.P., J.P., D.L.
157. Newport House,(Almeley) William Taylor, Esq.
158. Newton, (Kinnersley) Colonel Bridgford, J.P.
159. New Weir (The), (Kenchester) Major John Harward Griffiths, J.P., D.L.
160. Northgate House, (St. Weonard’s) Samuel Cannock, Esq.
161. Oaklands, (Docklow) Robert Henry John Heygate, Esq.
162. Ode Court, (Ocle-Pychard) Lieut.-Colonel Thomas Heywood, J.P., D.L.
163. Old Colwall, (Colwall) William Edmund East, Esq.
164. Old Hill (The), (Ross/Walford) Captain Martin Budd Lewin
165. Orleton Court, (Orleton) Mrs. Hill
166. Over Court, (Sutton St. Michael) Stephen Pitt, Esq.
167. Over Ross House, (Ross) Miss Baker and Miss Bernard
168. Overton House, (Richard’s Castle) Richard Betton, Esq., J.P.
169. Palace (The), (Hereford) Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Hereford
170. Pencraig Court, (Goodrich) Rev. William Holt Beever, M.A.
171. Pengethley (Sellack) Lieut.-Colonel Thomas Powell Symonds, J.P., D.L.
172. Pennoxtone Court, (Kings Caple) Sir Edward Cludde Cockburn, Bart., M.A., J.P., D.L.
173. Perrystone House,(Foy) George Clive, Esq., M.P., J.P., D.L.
174. Perrystone Towers, (Yatton) William Gibson Ward, Esq.
175. Poulstone Court, (Kings Caple) Richard Jones, Esq.
176. Pudleston Court, (Pudlestone) Harry Chadwick, Esq.
177. Putley Court, (Putley) John Riley, Esq., J.P.
178. Ridgebourne, (Kington) Richard William Banks, Esq., J.P.
179. Ridgway House, (Cradley) John Yapp, Esq.
180. Ripplewood, (Collington) Thomas Philip Payne Wight, Esq.
181. Rocklands, (Goodrich) John Maurice Herbert, Esq., J.P.
182. Rock (The), (Lugwardine) Mrs. Mary Ann Freeman
183. Rosedale (Laysters) H.J. Bailey, Esq.
184. Rotherwas, (Dinedor) Charles de-la-Barre Bodenham, Esq., J.P., D.L.  
185. Rudhall, (Ross; see also Upton Bishop & Weston-under-Penyard) Miss Julia F. Mortimer
186. Ryelands (The), (Leominster) Theophilus William Lane, Esq., M.A., J.P., D.L.
187. Saltmarshe Castle, (Bromyard) William Barneby, Esq., J.P., D.L.
188. Sarnesfield Court, (Sarnesfield) Major Worswick
189. Seedley House, (Leintwardine) George Mason, Esq.
190. Sellarsbrooke, (Ganarew/Whitchurch) Mrs. Marriott
191. Shobdon Court (Shobdon) The Rt. Hon. Lord Bateman, M.A., Lord Lt.,“Custos Rotulorum” of the County
192. Springfield, (Ross) [no information]
193 Stanage Park (Brampton Brian), Rev. John Rogers, M.A., J.P.
194. Stanton Park, (Stanton-upon-Arrow) James King King, Esq., M.A., J.P., D.L.
195. Stoke Edith Park (Stoke Edith), The Right Hon. Lady Emily Foley
196/ Stormer Hall (Leintwardine), Herbert Crawshay, Esq.
197. Street Court (Kingsland) Benjamin Lawrence Sanders, Esq., LL.B., J.P., D.L.
198. Sufton Court, (enter) Richard Hereford, Esq., J,P., D.L. & Captain Richard James Hereford, J.P., D.L.
199. Sugwas Court, (Eaton Bishop) Frederick Platt; Esq., M.F.H.
200. Sutton Court, (Sutton St Nicholas) Mrs. Bradney
201. Tedstone Court, (Tedstone Delamere) James Lane Wight, Esq., J.P.
202. The Lodge, (Richards Castle) Tbomas Charles Bridges, Esq.
203. Thing-hill, (Withington) Henry Higgins, Esq., J.P., D.L.
204. Thornbury Court, (Thornbury) John Lycett, Esq.
205. Tillington Court, (Burghill) Miss Griffiths and Henry Noel Courtney, Esq.
206. Titley Court, (Titley) Charles Williams Greenly, Esq., J.P., D.L.
207. Titley House, (Titley) Edward Howorth Greenly, Esq., J.P., D.L.
208. Treago, (St. Weonard’s) Mrs. Mynors
209. Trebandy House, (Marstow) Thomas Mountjoy Fisher, Esq.
210. Trecilla House, (Llangarren) Rev. Henry John Potts, B.A.
211 Tyberton Court, (Tyberton) Robert Henry Lee-Warner, Esq., J.P., D.L.
212 Underdown House, (Ledbury) Mrs. Murray Aynsley
213 Upper Hall, (Ledbury) John Martin, Esq., J.P.
214 Venwood, (Bodenham) Mrs Forrest and Hugh Jenner, Esq., J.P.
215 Walford House (Walford) William Allaway, Esq.
216  Westhide Court (Westhide) (no occupant registered)
217. Westonbury (Pembridge) William Child, Esq.
218. Weston Lodge (Weston-under-Penyard) Henry Forster Burmester, Esq.
219. Wharton Lodge (Weston-under-Penyard), Mrs. Nicholas
220. Whitbourne Court (Whitbourne) Richard Harington, Esq., M.A., B.C.L., J.P., &c.
221. Whitbourne Hall (Whitbourne) Edward Bickerton Evans, Esq., J.P., D.L.
222. White House (Vowchurch) Herbert Howorth Wood, Esq., M.A., J.P., D.L.
223. Whitfield (Treville) Rev. Archer Clive, M.A., JP, D.L & Major Charles Meysey Bolton Clive, JP, D.L.
224. Whitney Court (Whitney) Tomkyns Dew, Esq., J.P., D.L.
225. Whittern (The), (Lyonshall) Richard Green, Esq.
226. Wigmore Hall, (Wigmore)   Major-General Charles Trigance Franklin, C.B., J.P.
227. Wilcroft (Lugwardine), Miss James
228. Wilton Castle, (Bridstow) Captain L.P. Walsh, R.A.
229. Wilton Hall (Bridstow), Price Hamilton, Esq.
230. Winforton Court (Winforton), Miss Caroline Louisa Domvile
231. Wisteston Court (Marden), Charles Watkins, Esq.
232. Woodfield House (Weston-Beggard), William Henry Yates, Esq., J.P.
233. Woodfield House, (Weston-under-Penyard) Jacob Chivers, Esq.
234. Woolhope Court, (Woolhope) Josiah Booker, Esq.
235. Wyastone Leys, (Ganarew) James Murray Bannerman, Esq.
236. Wye Cliffe House, (Breinton) Edmund James Lewis, Esq.
237. Wyelands (The), (Walford) William Partridge, Esq., B.A., J.P., D.L.
238. Wyeville, (Bridstow) Captain Richard Edward Browne
239. Wythall, (Walford) John Stratford Collins, Esq., B.A., J.P., D.L.
240. Yatton Court, (Aymestrey) John George Rodney Ward, Esq., J.P.