Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Feature - the Herefordshire VBCW Campaign

The Herefordshire VBCW campaign is the brainchild of Giles and JP, who book the village hall for "Big Games", organise the players, provide the terrain (usually accompanied by a huge "impact piece" specially made by Roo), and generally take on the burden of running everything.

The County of Hereford during the VBCW. Ludlow, as indicated, is to the north, on
the Herefordshire/Shropshire border. The Ecclesiastical Enclave maintains good relations
with another VBCW geographical development, the Shropshire Free State.
JP's Hereford 1938 Blog can be found here. It contains the entire history of the campaign to date, plus useful links to other player's blogs and websites. The campaign (up to just after the Battle of Bredwardine Bridge) is most usefully illustrated in maps here. Giles' own blog is here, containing a great deal of general VBCW goodness - and much else besides! Anyone interested in the campaign as a whole, rather than simply the Bishop of Ludlow's own perspective (assisted by the omniscient Almighty as he is, of course), should head over to both blogs post-haste.

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