Friday, 10 June 2016

Special : The Skies Darken over Hereford...

Agents of the Ecclesiastical Intelligence Service have warned of a recent build up of Fascist airpower within Herefordshire, reports the Ludlow Leader. In addition to the well-known (but strangely absent of late) Fiat CR32 of Captain Macroni, it appears that Captain Arrowsmith has "obtained" a modern RAF fighter bi-plane, manufactured by the well-known Hawker works, to fly defensive circles around the tower of Hereford Cathedral. 

The Fascist Hawker Fury as photographed by a 366 Squadron fast reconnaissance aircraft
 in the skies over Hereford..The pilot - no doubt weary of endless circling - remains unidentified.

Known as "The Blackhawk" (Note 1) by Wing Commander Daring and the brave pilots of his famous 336 Squadron, this re-inforcement of Fascist airpower was fully expected by the authorities after the dramatic success of "The Daring Raid". Of greater concern to residents of Ludlow, however, may be the very latest addition to BUF airpower: 
A gift from the infamous Italian dictator, Mussloni, to Captain Arrowsmith's BUF - a Breda 65 bomber.
Does Signor Mussloni's remarkable generosity to his jackboot loving "British" acolyte foretell of an air offensive on Ludlow itself? Are the BUF likely to obey our own self denying ordinance, restricting air raids to information leaflet drops in order to avoid civilian casualties? Or does Arrowsmith intend a terrible visitation on Ludlow as a revenge for the LEF's many battlefield victories?

Is the full horror of Fascist air power on its way to Ludlow?
Citizens are encouraged to join the Bishop's Civil Protection Programme and required to obey the newly instituted blackout regulations. A full break-down of Ludlow's already formidable anti-aircraft defences will follow (once it has been security-cleared by the Ecclesiastical Office of Information). Meanwhile - hang on to your tin hats! (Note 2)

Note (1) : as in "Blackhawk Down", obviously.
Note (2): the Fascist broadsheets have lost no time in boasting of their increase in airpower

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