Friday, 27 January 2017

VBCW Herefordshire Churches

While Herefordshire's Country Houses are centres of organisation for many of the different VBCW factions within the County, its central Cathedral and 265 outlying churches have particular and obvious importance for the Anglican League. Luckily, a complete database of these historic centres of VBCW resistance (with plentiful photographs but, strangely, without a single mention of their importance in the great struggles of "Hereford 1938") is now available here.

Regular listeners to the Bishop's Broadcasting Service may, for now, be particularly interested in the Church of St Michael's, Brimfield, desecrated by the ungodly Stokkies Joubert at the recent Battle of Brimfield, but now (God be praised!) safe again in Anglican hands. As the victorious Bishops of Lichfield and Ludlow advance deeper into Herefordshire, further church based broadcasts will no doubt follow! 

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