Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Feature - the Gallant Sir Gilbert

The Rev Duff Postin indulges his only known vice.

The Reverend Duff Postin, Standard Bearer of the Ludlow Expeditionary Force and Military Secretary to the Bishop, records:

"The Expeditionary Force is most fortunate to have an ally in the gallant Sir Gilbert Hill. A fierce patriot and anti - Fascist, the Expeditionary Force has long fought for the same strategic objectives as Sir Gilbert himself, and for the first time fought shoulder to shoulder with the "Golden Valley Invincibles" at the Battle of Bredwardine Bridge. Historical notes on Sir Gilbert's Volunteers can be found here together with an Order of Battle. Sir Gilbert occasionally holds a "Gala Field Day", much to the admiration of the locals of Pontrilas and beyond, and indeed much like our own Bishop's Victory Parades (of which there have, of course, been too many mention. Please see Parish Notice Boards for next performance).

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