Thursday, 29 October 2015

Special - MAJOR Straitt-Jackett

It may be another coup for the Bishop's famed Ecclesiastical Intelligence Service. Or it may simply be that the Rev Duff-Postin consulted "Who's Who" in the Bishop's study. However the information has been obtained, we can now confirm [with thanks to Alan and Rita] the true biography of the new "Royalist" leader at the Battle of Bredwardine Fords, masquerading throughout the day of battle as a mere "Captain".

"Miles Straitt-Jackett :
Born 1879, only son of Lieutenant-Colonel Edward 'Loopy' Straitt-Jackett and the Hon. Felicia Straitt-Jackett (nee Warming-Knightley). Educated at Mr. Thrashem's Academy for Young Gentlemen. Joined Army 1897. Served in Sudan, Gold Coast, Basutoland, Matabeleland.

Despite never hearing a shot fired in anger Major Straitt-Jackett served with distinction during World War 1, commanding 13th (Colonial) Field Kitchen Unit stationed in Bulawayo.  He was present at the Tsetse Valley Incident when a crowd of rioting Native miners were subdued by volleys of plum duff hurled by his cooks, for which action he was awarded The Order of the Yellow Buffalo (2nd Class).

A good friend of the renowned Major Denis Bloodknock, Major Straitt-Jackett joined the B.U.F. in 1935, in the mistaken belief it was a book club.

Interests : Cricket, Lepidoptery, Taphophilia. He also has a large collection of cheese labels." 

The investigative journalists of the "Ludlow Leader" are hot on the trail of Major Straitt-Jackett. Why did he pretend to be "Royalist" during the recent engagement, when he had in fact joined the B.U.F. as far back as 1935? Why did he not reveal his true rank to Captain Arrowsmith, and thereby take command of the battle of the Fords? Do these now revealed deceptions indicate that Major Straitt-Jackett was playing a "greater game", and was indeed the Anglican agent within the BUF "Robin's Nest" bunker? [see Note (3) to the Battle of Bredwardine Fords broadcast, below] 

Or can it be that Major Straitt-Jackett is the leader of Moseley's well-known "secret consumer initiative", designed to check upon the competence and probity of Fascists throughout the land? Can Arrowsmith survive such an investigation, or does he face disgrace? And given Major Straitt-Jackett's expressed interest in taphophilia, is disgrace even the worst that Arrowsmith can now expect? 

The "Ludlow Leader" will no doubt reveal all in due course....

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