Friday, 8 April 2016

Big Game April 2016 - Colonel Mustard's Memoirs

JC has unveiled the scenario for the Spring 2016 Big Game in the Hereford VBCW - see his blog here. The late Colonel Mustard's memoirs must be found....

By good fortune (Praise the Lord!), the latest recruits to the Ludlow Expeditionary Force are highly experienced in just this kind of police work (and crowd control) - the Chicago Police (Citizens Relations) Demonstration Squad !

Elements of the Chicago Police (Citizens Relations) Demonstration Squad.
Commissioner Gordon and Lieutenant Kojak are absent,
conferring with the Bishop's Staff Captains.

Regular listeners to the Bishops Broadcasting Service will recall that the Squad provided security for the recent shipment of Packard Town Vans from Detroit to Ludlow (see older posts). As the guests of the Bishop, the Squad have also taken pleasure in demonstrating to Ludlow's loyal citizenry their advanced weaponry - Colt .45 pistols, Remington pump action shotguns, and - to gasps of astonishment - the Gun that Bandits Fear Most !

Captain Arrowsmith ("dat doity rat" according to Lieutenant Kojak)  is overdue
 a meeting with Mr Thompson 's Anti Bandit Gun.

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